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Suryakant S. PatilNEELESH ENGINEERS designs, manufactures and exports a wide range of precision engineered products. We manufacture engineered components like center bolt and gear washer etc., in various shapes & sizes (be it small or medium). Manufactured on the sound infrastructural set up and under the vigilance of experts, our products are made of high quality steel.

With perseverance and desire to excel, we have developed a niche for ourselves in the engineered component industry. We are calibrated to undertake batch production and mass production as per customers requirements.
Our products are manufactured as per metallurgical standards wherein various tests like sample test bar inspection, etc. are conducted by us. Engineered goods are checked on various parameters like size, shape, chemical compositions, etc. For example, our surface treatment standards thread gauges product with spigot diameters is manufactured with utmost precision to meet stringent requirements of windmills industry.

Before final dispatch of products, we quality test our products on various instruments like bevel protractor set, precision sine center, etc. Moreover, delivery of quality proven components within scheduled time have
accredited our company with a large customer base. We are catering to some of the most prestigious companies in the industry.
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 We Are Associated With
For prompt functioning and delivery of products, we are associated with M/S Monika Enterprises. The organization is based at Pune (India) and complements our work operations. The functions and administration of the whole project is supplemented our associate company.
 Products Offered By Us

From designing to manufacturing, we undertake complete activities to manufacture products. Equipped with VMC (visual meteorological conditions), we are calibrated to offer a wide variety of milling jobs.

We offer 3D moulds, center bolt, gear washer, precision components with close tolerance bores and export components of specialty type. Both batch production components and mass production components are undertaken by us. We offer range of engineered products to our customers. Some of the products manufactured by us are enlisted below -

  • Neelesh EngineersS 70 Axial Cap
  • Rotor lock flange plate
  • 2MW Grinding Bush
  • Rotor lock disc
  • Center Bolt (Centering bolt S70 type)
  • Pressure plate 2MW
  • 1.25 MW Rotor Lock Bolt
  • Gear Washer(Washer for gear mount)
  • Distance Plate
  • 1-25 MW Brake Bolder
  • Distance Ring for Pitch Drive
  • S70 Pressure Plate - Radial
  • Adaptor slip ring
Our company also undertake designing and manufacturing of holding fixtures for CNC machine tools, tool holders of special requirements. We also hold expertise in manufacturing of specialty type thread cutting taps and dies of large diameters with fine pitch.

By virtue of strong infrastructural set up and team of industry experts, we hold expertise deliver customized engineered products. Clients from across the globe can avail customized products from us as per their required specifications.

Customized Engineered Products

This facility can be seeked within mutually decided time frame and at industrial competent rates. Customers can intimate us their requirements in terms of desired size, shape, type, quality, etc. We are calibrated to deliver the exact replica of products.
Neelesh Engineers
Along with above mentioned equipment, we also have metrological instruments such as:

  • Precision height master
  • High grade granite surface plate
  • Complete set of dial bore gauges
  • Set of vernier callipers
  • Set of micrometers
  • Dial indicators and many more.
Our company is also backed with facilities for jigs & fixtures of intricate type & special purpose machines.
 Infrastructural Set Up
We have invested substantially in our infrastructural set up and are empowered with sophisticated machinery. Some of the machines in our unit are -
Radial Drilling Machine
Make :- Prakash
Pillar Type Drilling Machine
Make :- EIFCO.
Surface (Reciprocating) Grinder
Make :- Brown & Sharp USA
Optical Profile Grinding Machine
Make :- WMW SWPO 80 with attachments.
Tool and Cutter Grinder
Make :- Praga.
Cylindrical Grinding Machine
Make :- HMT K130
Radial Drilling Machine
Make :- CSPEL, Hungery.
Center Lathe 7 ft.
Between Center 570mm. Upto 1 mtr. Length.
Center Lathe 7 ft.
Between Center 470mm. Upto 1 mtr. Length
 Team of Experts
The comprehensive set up is boosted by the team of industry experts. We have engineers and other industry technocrats who hold extensive industry experience. They enjoy full support of pool of diligent workers. Moreover, to keep our personnel abreast with latest technological changes in the industry, we keep of training our manpower on periodical basis.
 Quality Standards & Testing

Manufacturing quality engineered goods is the main aim of our company. We hold registration of inspection audit by the prestigious ISO 9000:2000. Abiding by set norms and regulations, we are streamlining our production process to attain certification for quality management systems.

In order to ensure quality products, we have installed number of measuring instruments. Some of the instruments are highlighted below -

  • Vernier Height Master (Trimos-Swiss make). With least count 0.002 mm.
  • Vernier Height Gauge 18".
  • Vernier Caliper :- 150mm, 300mm, 600mm, 1000mm
  • Dial Gauges :- Lever Type - L.C. 0.01mm & 0.001mm.
  • Plunger Type - L.C. 0.01mm & 0.001mm.
  • Bevel Protractor Set.
  • Precision Sine Center.
  • Magnetic V-Block Pair.
  • Precision Sine Bar 300mm.
  • MMT Precision Surface Plate.
  • Micrometer :- 50mm-600mm.
  • Mitutoyo Inspection Grade Slip Gauge Box. (118 Slip)
  • Dial Bore Gauge Mitutoyo Make:- Range 6 to 300 mm.
  • Micrometer Mitutoyo Make :- Range (0-25), (25-50), (50-75), (75-100), (100-125), (125-150), (50-150), (150-300).
Customers can also get the quality tested as per their inspection procedure. The engineered components quality tested in these specific cases are teamed with quality assurance / warranty for a long duration (15 years). We assure consolidated trouble free performance of our products.

Serving Different Industries

Our range of engineered products are widely used in different industries. We are collared with customers from various industries. Some of the industries, wherein our products are widely used and accepted are highlighted below-

  • Wind mill manufacturing industry
  • Automobile and ancillary industry
  • Valve manufacturing industry
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